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Dianne Eno/Fusion Danceworks

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    Directly from the body of work created over the years on Mt. Monadnock, I have developed several new ways for my audiences to experience outdoor site-specific dance.  One method has been developed as part of my work as artist-in-residence at Acadia National Top of Champlain Mountain (Acadia National Park)Park in Bar Harbor, Maine.  There, I designed and implemented a daylong performance event requiring that an audience hike to various pre-selected performance sites with performers, throughout the day.  This event began with a 5:30 A.M. sunrise “ceremony” in dance and Native American Sign Language at the summit of Cadillac Mountain.  Other sites in this day’s performance itinerary included a densely forested area and a culminating late afternoon performance at a rocky coastal site, where waves broke just a few feet away from performers. Inspired by the success of this project, I have gone on to develop supplemental workshop materials and topics from this project and am now seeking appropriate venues where I might implement them.  I typically attempt to subsidize my company performances from such related work because funding for Mt. Monadnock, and for the most part, all other site-specific productions is sadly scant if not altogether nonexistent.View from Thoreau Rock (Monadnock State Park)

    Future projects include a continuation in the vein of the “traveling performance”.  I plan to present a similar series of site-specific dance this summer on Monadnock, in lieu of the traditional summit performance.  These dances are to be inspired by ‘vision questing” on the summit and will become part of a daylong event beginning, perhaps with a sunrise dance at the summit, as well. Throughout the day, an energetic and willing audience will travel with us, the performers, from site to site, intimately sharing in a unique and common sense of Trail marker from White Arrow trail (Monadnock State Park)adventure, discovery and magic.

    One other project that has been a long time in the works, is that of a dance I will perform up the entire length of the Thoreau Trail (which is approximately three quarters of a mile long).  This trail is densely forested and is carpeted throughout with deep green lush mosses—it is one of my favorite places on the mountain.  The dance is based on Thoreau’s essay entitled “Walking” and will move upward, in and among trees, boulders and through a brook bed, culminating in an outcropping of rocks known as “Thoreau’s Seat”.  I envision audience members posted along the trail, each gaining a different perspective of the dance depending on the viewing vantage point.  I also would like to further develop this work as a video piece.

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